A research program on digitalisation for sustainable forestry.


with Sverker Danielsson, program manager

The transition from fossil-based and linear value chains to bio-based and circular solutions is in full swing, but needs to be accelerated if we are to have any chance of meeting the challenges of the climate crisis. An important contribution from the forest is the replacement of fossil-based products, and in the future more bio-based materials and products could contribute to global markets. Development is already taking place in Swedish forests and forestry, but our forestry use needs further development towards better utilisation of natural resources, reduced emissions and a positive change in forest biodiversity. Sustainable development in the forest includes complex issues, as well as occasionally difficult trade-offs when several objectives are to be achieved. Digital tools can be an important support in these processes.

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Sverker Danielsson. Photo: Johan Olsson


The total budget of the program for years 1-4


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The digital forest

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Episode 1

How does the public debate impact, and how free is research today in the field of forestry? These are questions discussed in the first episode of The digital forest (Den digitala skogen).

Charlotte Bengtsson, CEO Skogforsk
Göran Ericsson, Dean of the faculty of Forest Sciences at SLU
Maria Wetterstrand, CEO Miltton Europe

The podcast is hosted by Sverker Danielsson, program manager at Mistra Digital Forest.

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"We have the resources to accomplish substantial things"

Since her upbringing amidst the vast forested landscapes of Kalix, the forest has been a natural part of Elisabeth Nilsson's life. When she was asked to become a board member of Mistra Digital Forest after a career holding influential positions in the business world, her answer was clear. Now, she looks back - and forward - at the program that has reached its halfway point.

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Video archive

Here we have compiled films that you can also find under research results, as well as some films that describe additional projects and our events. (All films are in Swedish)

The research areas and results of the program
Work in digital tools

What are the key takeaways for companies from the program's first four years?

We posed the questions to the representatives in the Industrial Council of Mistra Digital Forest.

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Program conferences and events

Below, you can access materials from our own program conferences and other events where Mistra Digital Forest has participated.

Program Board and Management

The program is led by the Swedish Forest Industries. Additionally, the program has a Program Board, an Industrial Council, and a Program Management team.

Program Board and Management

Deliverables 2022

All deliverables from Year 1-4 of the program are available (in Swedish) on mistradigitalforest.se

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