Digital transformation

Courses support the digitalization journey of forest companies

The Digital Forest Academy is an initiative that caters to the needs of forest companies to build digital skills in order to take the next step in the digitalization of the Swedish forestry industry. In 2022, the management team of Skogforsk took the course Digital transformation, (in Swedish) which is one of the five core courses offered by the initiative.

Hello Charlotte Bengtsson, CEO Skogforsk.

Why did you choose to take the course Digital transformation?

– The digital transformation affects us on multiple levels, including our research, how we work internally, and our collaboration with partners and other researchers. Therefore, our management team needs to have fundamental insights into digital transformation. It is crucial for Skogforsk's mission to develop the forestry industry and to ensure that we remain at the forefront of the industry's digitalization.

What was the best thing about the course?

– The best thing about the course was that we set aside time to reflect and discuss digitalization specifically in relation to our operations. The process itself was more important than striving for clear-cut results. Within the management team, we achieved a more equal level of knowledge and a shared understanding of what digital transformation entails.

What will you take with you moving forward?

– One concrete thing that I take with me is the insights on how we can collaborate with both tech startups and major digital giants. A variety of companies see the forestry industry as an interesting area for development, but we haven't always known how to leverage these partnerships. Now, we have a strategy that, for example, allows us to better engage with the new technologies out there that can drive change in the industry.

Charlotte Bengtsson, Skogforsk

Hello Magnus Thor, Director of Research and Innovation at Skogforsk.

What motivated you to take the course?

– The opportunity to delve deep into the concept of digital transformation motivated me. There is tremendous power in digitalization, as it brings about profound changes. However, it is a concept that is challenging to fully comprehend, and therefore, it requires thorough discussion and exploration.

Can you provide a specific example of what the course has contributed to?

– In hindsight, I notice that we have adopted a "digital terminology." We are using new words and have a shared understanding of the meaning behind various concepts. It becomes useful, for example, in operational planning and to clarify how we will work with digitalization.

Do you have any tips for others who want to take a course within the Digital Forest Academy?

– Seek assistance from the course instructor to customize the content. As a large management team with diverse roles throughout the organization, it was helpful that our course instructor was a researcher who understood our operations.

– I also see value in having the management team take the course. To ensure the effectiveness of the digital transformation, it is crucial to involve the organization's key leaders.

Magnus Thor, Skogforsk