A research program on digitalisation for sustainable forestry.


with Sverker Danielsson, program manager

Forests are central to many people's lives and the question of how forests should be managed concerns many. That the discussion includes different perspectives is most welcome , as the decisions to be made are often complex and need to take different interests into account. The forestry that the programme wants to develop further, will lead to increased biodiversity in managed forests. At the same time, climate change will be counteracted by sequestering large amounts of carbon. In addition, wood-based products will be delivered from forestry to society, and people will have access to the forest both as a workplace and a place for recreation. Is it possible to increase financial, social and environmental values at the same time?  

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Sverker Danielsson Foto Johan Olsson

Sverker Danielsson. Photo: Johan Olsson


The total budget of the program for years 1-8


Active researchers and company representatives in the program


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We in the program

The program is led by the Forestry Industries and program partners include BillerudKorsnäs, Holmen, Kopparfors Forests, SCA, Stora Enso, Sveaskog, Södra, SLU, IVL, Skogforsk, and Umeå University. Mistra Digital Forest is financed by Mistra and participating partners.

Photographer: Johan Olsson.

Mistra Digital Forest i Uppsala, maj 2023

The Digital Forest

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Episode 5: Forest and Data: From Collection to Insight

The episode focuses on how forestry works to collect information about the forest and what new opportunities high-resolution data brings for the forest's contribution to sustainable development.

Guests include:
Johan Holmgren, researcher at SLU and work package leader at Mistra Digital Forest
Per Edström, professor at Mid Sweden University and deputy program director at Mistra Digital Forest
Lars Svensson, CEO and founder, Nordic Forestry Automation

Episode 6: Next Generation Decision Support in Forestry

How do we currently work with decision support systems? And how can new technology change the landscape for decision support in forestry? These are some of the questions discussed in this episode of the podcast "The Digital Forest."

Guests include:
Maria Nordström, Digitalization Process Manager at Skogforsk and work package leader at Mistra Digital Forest
Linnea Hansson, researcher at Skogforsk
Eskil Mattsson, researcher at IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute

Episode 7: The Automated Forest - Opportunities and Challenges

The episode focuses on automation in forestry – what level of automation do we see in forestry today? How can automation change the work in the forest? And how can automation contribute to sustainable development?

Guests include:
Martin Servin, associate professor at Umeå University and work package leader at Mistra Digital Forest
Ola Lindroos, professor at SLU
Anna Wallner, project manager for BraSatt at Södra

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Mistra Digital Forest strengthens perspectives on social sustainability through a new process leader.

As phase 2 begins, Mistra Digital Forest has strengthened its focus on sustainable development. One example being that a new process manager for social sustainability has been attached to the programme, in the form of Camilla Sandström professor of political science at Umeå University. "I will be the one asking the uncomfortable questions about social sustainability,' she says with a twinkle in her eye."

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Perspectives on the future of forestry (in Swedish)

Below, some members of our program board and Industrial Council share their perspectives on the future of forestry.

Kopparfors Forests joins Mistra Digital Forest

As Kopparfors Forests joins the program, Torsten Persson becomes the new representative on the Mistra Digital Forest Industrial Council.

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Bild på Torsten Persson

Ingrid Petersson becomes a new member of the Mistra Digital Forest program board

Ingrid Petersson, former Director-General of Formas, has been appointed as a new member of the Mistra Digital Forest program board.

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Bild på Ingrid Pettersson

Program conferences and events

Below, you can access materials from our own program conferences and other events where Mistra Digital Forest has participated.

Program Board and Management

Skogsindustrierna is the program host. Additionally, the program has a program board, an industrial council, and a program management.

Program Board and Management